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SaiYaLanTu Group advantages

[SaiYaLanTu] Founded in 2019, it is an Internet based brokerage company, which has successively established cooperative companies or offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, the Philippines, etc. The company has live broadcast, short video, commercialization, cross-border e-commerce and integrated marketing, artist brokerage and other main businesses, and has extensive influence in many fields such as global live broadcast. It is not only a professional Internet brokerage company, but also an early domestic company that laid out global brokerage business.
In 2021, the company proposed the "Internet broker" operation mode, with rich overseas talent incubation experience and a mature live broadcast revenue improvement system. In 2021, the company started a new strategic step and developed a combined operation mode with global anchors. Up to now, the company has signed a global anchor talent matrix of more than 10000, including more than 2000 high-quality artists, many global gold medal anchors, super big V and global phenomenon level celebrities.

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